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Colony Start-Off

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Colony Start-Off

Post by skullmazter on Sat Aug 23, 2014 3:32 pm

How many worms should you start with to get a good vermicomposting system going?


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Re: Colony Start-Off

Post by dermy on Sat Aug 23, 2014 3:36 pm

There are a bunch of different opinions on this, some say to weigh out your food wastes and if it's something like 1lbs of fruit and veggie waste a week or so then get about 1 lb of worms or less. If it's over 3 lbs then get over 3lb of worms. But to be honest I like to do a different approach:

Get as many Wigglers as you can, these are usually found in leaf litter and compost piles, near the top, they do not get as big as Nightcrawlers and do not burrow into soil. Do not use Night-Crawlers, they will not work, either will normal garden varieties. It has to be Red Wigglers!

I started my bin off with 5 worms about 7 months ago and although it was a rocky start I am getting the hang off it all and have at least 50+ adult worms, and around 140+ baby worms and countless cocoons going on in my worm bin, they will eat the food I place in the system in about 3-5 days!

Don't expect to be able to feed them too much, especially if you start out small, it's best to provide them with a pinch of food waste every week for the first few months until the worm population grows to about 100+ then you can do bigger more regular feedings.

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