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Myrmica Nest 2015

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Myrmica Nest 2015 Empty Myrmica Nest 2015

Post by dermy on Sun Oct 11, 2015 2:24 am

So around a month or so I made a new nest for my Myrmica Colony, which just recently came out of Hibernation. So I thought I'd post a little run through on how I made it.


2 gum container lids:

Myrmica Nest 2015 IMG_2457_zpshgtrmhz2

Duct Tape



Some form of substrate, could be grout but I don't think it would work well for this

First things first put them together:

Myrmica Nest 2015 IMG_2458_zpskh4y5hq7

Next tape them together [used a different one to show these next few things, better lighting Wink ]

Myrmica Nest 2015 IMG_2109_zpsea217spf

Here are some other pictures showing the lids:

Myrmica Nest 2015 IMG_2111_zpskv21qzax

Myrmica Nest 2015 IMG_2110_zpsvsy9cqic

Here is the amount of space:

[a lot more then you'd think Smile ]

Myrmica Nest 2015 IMG_2112_zpsw1fnwngg

Here is a video showing my Myrmica Colony living inside one:


If you have any questions I'll try to answer them, I've only ran it for about a few weeks [2.5] so It's still rather new to me.

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